Jovians are a curious race, the byproduct of millenia of experimentation by the Kelvans. After the progenitor wars, Kelvans became very curious about accellerating the evolution of existing species. Using temporal-shifted environments, Kelvans created singularities with incredibly different time/space realities, isolated from our won. From one of these singularities emerged the Jovians. Initially a simian humanoid, time and technology left the species atrophied to all but a fleshy collection of reproductive organs, tendril-like appendages, cerebreal storage and sensory organs.

However, the Jovians developed incredible technology to augment their physiological atrophy. Incredibly intelligent, and incredibly logical, Jovians use a wide variety of robotic prosthesis, armaments and conveyances to overcome physical limitations. Unlike much of the technology in the Adromeda galaxy, Jovians tent to use more pure technology, and are the sole provider of anything remotely resembling a Federation-level computer intelligence. Their systems and equipment were difficult to integrate into the biomenchanics prevelant around the Andromeda galaxy, but once they emerged, the unique capability of some of their technology certainly made a name and market, particularly when it came to astronavigation, weapons, and shielding.

Jovians are a relatively small population, though they are very long-lived, and often sire several generations of offspring. Population was rigorously controlled while inside their temporal singularity, but since the Kelvans introduced them to the galaxy, they have gradually increased in number and power. It was Jovian technology that allowed the initial formulation of the FSA, and it was many of their technolgocial innovations which allowed the FSA to take a foothold against the Kelvans.



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