Hailing from the Essep Protectoriate (comprised of 167 separate planets on 22 systems), Esseptians are a crystalline lifeform, a byproduct of the Kelvan’s attempts at unlocking the Progenitors living crystal. Many organic life-forms find Esseptians difficult to understand – they are highly unemotional, and posses very little in the way of physical senses outside of sight and hearing. They have no known forms of artistic expression, and are motivated largely by a desire to seed new systems with offspring. From a traditional organism’s perspective, they are more cyborgs than a true biological entity, as generations are borne of combining splices of parental crystal into local mineral deposits, and fostering new life from what survives.

Esseptians have very little in the way of physiological regularity, aside from a generally bipedal humanoid form (though there are exceptions). They do not possess a hive mind, but live in a highly communist society, with little value in material gain, aside from information which will lead them to new planets to colonize. A frightfully long-lived species, Esseptians are only capable of splicing three times in a lifetime, which they view as a momentous decision, sometimes requiring decades of research and understanding.

Esseptians invariably demure to age, regardless of what planet or system an elder hails from.



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