The twelve Zaiebos the Kelvans engineered as admirals for their fleets are the most formidable alien lifeforms thusfar encountered by Starfleet. A symbiont swarm enmeshed with a worldship, of a similar design to the Andromeda_squid ships , Zaiebos are megaweapons of frightful capacity.

Of the dozen that were created by the Kelvans, four are known to be destroyed, and one is questionably at large. Each of the Zaiebos commanded all Kelvan forces within a wide range of galactic space, and had virtually limitless power and resources to combat the Progenitors with.



The full array of Zaiebos offensive and defensive capacity is not currently known. At roughly four million square kilometers, size alone is sufficient defensive and offensive aspect of Zaiebos strategem. Smaller vessels are simply pulled into the entity’s huge gravity field, particularly if it jumps into close proximity.

Zaiebos are not particularly fast or maneuverable from a subspace travel standpoint, but they have bio-organic symbiont sub-entities, which provide the ability to exceed light speed, through a combination of biological gravity wells, mass driver mechanics, and natural super-fluid interaction.

Zaiebos are capable of using their mass driver entities to launch flotsam, asteroids, and even projectiles it exudes at incredible velocity, allowing to to deimate other ships, as well as engage in planetary bombardment.

In addition to these abilities, Zaiebos are formidable psions, and capable of mentally coordinating any bio-organisms that are part of their fleet far more effectively, and with greater precision than most standard fleet configurations. Using their incredible mental output, Zaiebos can emit a pulse similar to an ion-storm, but specifically targeting the mental energies of psionically active species, and impairing the mental function of non-psionic free-thinking organisms.

This neural pulse was thought to be the cause of the fall of the FSA’s Third Fleet, when they went up against a smaller force, but was utterly annihilated when the Zaiebos Seitxi dumped in the the center of the fray. Based on salvaged recordings of the battle (there were no survivors of the Third Fleet), the neural pulse took some time to deploy, but it’s effective range was nearly an entire system. The electromagnetic interference of the pulse also caused massive electrical storms on nearby planets in the system, and caused at least two polar reversals in planetary electromagnetic alignment.


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