Season 01 Episodes 04, 05 & 06

After a huge firefight with an opposing force of Endari Host, and a Zaiebos at the crystalline gate, the crew of the USS Heyerdahl unleashed a barrage of feedback energy which destroyed most of the Endari, but not before the Zaiebos in the encounter fled the battlefield. The resulting explosion created a huge ion wave, which somehow became entangled in the strange energy source of the gate. This storm-wave annihilated all life in the system on the Andromeda side of the gate, and made the gate virtually inaccessible until some anti-ionic measures can be developed, or the ionic singularity can be uncoupled from the gate.

In the pitch of the battle, Vratch of Veremen V rapidly developed a biophage which would attack the crystalline structure of the Endari host’s exosuits and the psiconic crystal latticework of the relays they were using to focus energy on the gate. Ultimately, the bioweapon was not deployed, and the developed sample was jettisoned. When the ion storm was created in the wake of the destruction of the Endari relay matrix, the phage sample was carried on the storm’s front, and infected the Heyerdahl.

After some time in critical repairs, the crew was able to get the ship stable enough to limp it to the nearby Usol Trading Station. There they found the station under attack by some Endari stragglers, who were taken unknowing prisoners with the clever use of holographic emitters, the ship’s transporter station, and the holodeck.

After being hailed hereos by the inhabitants of Usol Station, the crew of the Heyerdahl were invited to dine with Trade Marshall Stolas at a celebration feast in their honor. With several hours to kill, the crew subdivided their efforts before dinner.

Some of the crew explored the promenade, seeking information and insight into what facilities might best garner assistance in curing the page affecting the Heyerdahl. These few encountered Ligar, a devotee of the worm-cult of the Darkened Stars. They also engaged the services of Fweet, an insectoid guide, and met Vermeen, in charge of station security, who most resembled the entity the ship encountered which led to the creation of Praxis. Some crew remained behind onboard, to review first contact protocols and procedures, as well as keep an eye on the Endari prisoners, while the two engineers tried to find a quiet corner to work on a project away from Praxis’ prying sensors.

The feast itself, attended by Trade Marshall Stoals, Station Officer Wegwen, and the Marshall’s paramour Edras. The meal was presided by Chef Citoi, a multi-limbed alien of unknown species, who served food from a totating prep station in the center of an orbiting circut of seats for guests.

Citoi’s menu was prolific – the best ever served on the station, including:

  • Alurian Goldspotted Killifish and Sea Beet with Sataaran Ragout
  • Sataaran Crevice Kelpfish and Daikon with Yallilitian Mustard
  • Goldshell’s – Yallilitian New World Rivuline and Bok Choy with Kazon Meringue
  • Nanite Pelagic Cod and Bamboo Shoot with Jarbian Rangoon
  • Acamarian Squirrelfish and Black-Eyed Pea with Marijinian Rice
  • Selay Yellowtail Horse Mackerel and Eggplant with Kalatian Star Yak Roux
  • Alsaurian Daggertooth Pike Conger and Artichoke in a Jovian style Cassoulet

Some inroads were made in the opening portions of the meal, with a trade of star routes proposed, as well as some information sharing. As the main courses began to dwindle, and Citoi began to work on desserts, conversation shifted suddenly, with a startling revelation from the Trade Marshall’s Paramour – she was not just any other Kalatian, she was one of the principal rulers of the FSA, and very interested in garnering the services of the Federation vessel in a top secret mission.

Season 01 Episodes 04, 05 & 06

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