The Free Species Alliance was made up four principle races – the Allurians, the Jovians, the Kaltians and the Esseptians. Each of the species were progenitor-created, then enslaved or conquered by the Kelvans. While fighting against the Kelvans, the Progenitors could not match forces equally, so they worked to usurp the Kelvan power base, and throw the Kelvan empire into chaos.

The FSA manned an enormous battle-station called the Freehold, which was a mobile forward base of operations for the FSA fleet. The FSA action agains the Kelvans was instrumental in driving them from the Andromeda Galaxy, and ecords suggest that at least one of the Zaibos was slain in “The Battle of Golgara” with Freehold playing an instrumental part of the action.

Based on the limited information salvaged from the databanks on Veremen V, the FSA was led by a coalition of leaders in the form of a council:

It is unknown what has happened to the FSA in the wake of the Kelvan’s departure.


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