Essep IV

Class Y
Classification: Demon
Age: 9-10 billion years
Diameter: 17,000-22,000 km
Surface: 7% Liquid Nitrogen, 15% Liquid Magma
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide
Lifeforms: Unknown

Essep IV is the one-time scientific hub of the Kelvan empire. Most engineered sapient life in the Andromeda Galaxy was developed in the laboratories on the planet, and many of the advances in later Kelvan military technology were grown in the orbital biosphere labs.

Essep IV was the first Kelvan location the FSA struck against once the Progenitors armed them with weapons capable of damaging the Kelvans. Bancale, the first Zaiebos was destroyed in the FSA strikes against Essep IV, and the planet and all inhabitants are assumed destroyed after extensive surface bombardment, and the destruction of the stabalizers on one of the orbital biospheres, which caused it to crash into the planet surface.

Sapient Life
Essep IV was a Kelvan planet. It contained members of all species within the Andromeda Galaxy, as well as the Kelvan Genivault. With the destruction of the Genivault, the Kelvan were forced to rely on Bellatrix Cloning Nodules to bolster the number of foot solders, slaves, and lesser lifeforms they could field against the Progenitors and the FSA.

Essep IV

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