Endari Cohesion Degeneration Emitter


The deadly armament of the Endari Host emits a multi-phasic burst of energy which weakens the molecular cohesion of solids. This results in massive damage to organic and inorganic solids. While shielding is effective in reducing the effect of the beam, because of the sustained fire capacity, it is rarely enough to prevent the effects of the weapon’s beams, unless specialized modulating shield deflectors are installed, which are projecting shielding fields at a non-standard distance from the ship exterior.

Living beings taking more than 50% of their HP in damage from a CDE must make a fortitude save at a base dc of 15 +1 for every 10hp of damage above the threshold, or die as a result of massive molecular instability.

Damage Setting Endari CDE’s have three settings: half power, full power, and amalgam. Half power is the standard setting, which allows for one six-second burst every other round. Full power allows for a six second burst once every three rounds. Amalgam setting is for when the weapon is being reconfigured as part of an armament for an Amalgam ship. CDE’s count as either +2 to hit or +1D of damage for Amalgam vessel armaments.

When used as a sidearm, use the following stats:
Heavy Rifle, sized for Large creature (unusable by Medium-sized creatures)
Half Power: 4d12x1d2 – 15 Energy
Full Power:4d12+5x1d3 – 30 Energy

CDE’s haev bioregenerative power cells, which, when properly maintained, will provide 2d4x1000 energy worth of shots before having to be replaced.

Endari Cohesion Degeneration Emitter

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