Crystar Exosuit

Type: Bioweapon, Exo-Suit
Equipment Bonus: 6
Nonprof. Bonus: 3
HP: 40
Hardness: 10
Strength: 25 (Requires 16 Str/Con to use)
Max Dex Bonus: +2
Initiative Penalty: -6
Armor Penalty: +8
Speed:: 40ft (80 Fly)
Purchase DC: 42
Restriction: Andromedan (Endari) – 6
HazMat Protection: +4 to saves vs. radiation, heat, and hazardous chemical damage. If the save is failed the wearer suffers reduced effects from the environment as if affected by one category less of a danger
Launch Jets:The Exosuit is fitted with a self-propulsion system which allows the wearer to fly, and has sufficient structural reinforcement to exit and enter planetary atmospheric conditions with a Fly check at a DC of 20.
Atmospheric Control:Crystar suits are bred to absorb H20 as a byproduct, which allow Endari within to survive for extensive periods of time.

Misc Rules:
Damaged exosuits regenerate 1hp/hour, until they reach 50% hp, at which point they gain fast healing 5. Destroyed exosuits will not regenerate until sufficiently repaired to be damaged.

Crystar Suits can form Amalgam Vessels when properly coordinated and integrated with pilots who understand how to activate those functions of the suits.

A character in a Crystar Exosuit acts as if under the Enlarged Form mutation. That is, she gains all of the benefits of being large, but none of the penalties. Face and Reach remain unchanged however.

Strong characters receive 3+int skills tied to Str or Con, which are part of the suit’s abilities. They treat these skills as class skills while wearing the suit.

Fast characters wearing a Crystar Exosuit lose all class-based defense bonuses.

Crystar Exosuit

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