Bellatrix Cloning Nodules


After the destruction of the Kelvan Genivault on Essep IV, the Kelvans were forced to rely on Bellatrix as the main means of replicating engineered species. While the speed and capacity of Bellatrix nodules was far inferior to the output of the Genivault, the Kelvans were still able to field roguhtly 20-30 million standard humanoid entities a cycle.

It is unknown if Bellatrix are an engineered race, or something the Kelvans co-opted from the progenitors. As an Independent life-form, Bellatrix do not appear to have any society or culture. They are capable of ingesting and synthesizing any biological material, and replicate it with uncanny perfection. Unfortunately, this includes genetic flaws, personality imbalances, and chromosomal imbalances.

Bellatrix are huge organisms, often the size of large buildings. They are native to zero-g environments, and house a hive mentality.

Bellatrix Cloning Nodules

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