240px-Tesseract.gif “Hypothetically, a Constitution-class starship running at maximum warp would take hundreds of years to complete the journey to Andromeda, even if we had a way past the Galactic Barrier.”

After exploring in detail the technology utilized by the crew of the Voyager to return to Earth thirty-odd years ago, Federation scientists have determined that the unique energy signature of the slipstream engine was actually a derivative of Progenitor technology! This exciting revelation led to a system-wide hunt for similar energy signatures. This, in turn, led to the discovery in long-range scans of a dormant conduit within the Orion sector, near Starbase 24 in the Beta Quadrant. The this conduit appears to be of Progenitor origin! Starfleet is viewing this discovery with the same enthusiasm for opportunity as the Bajoran wormhole of the last century, though experiences with the inhabitants of the Delta quadrant are sparking far more caution this time around.

In the first year of the 25th century, a Prime Team of Federation specialists are being sent forward to explore the other end of the conduit, which probes seem to suggest ends in the Zeta Quadrant of the Andromeda Galaxy. If initial forays are successful, a task force of starships will be deployed to construct a forward base of operations.

Starfleet records are anemic about the inhabitants of intergalactic space on the other end of the conduit. Team Members are recommended to familiarize themselves with whatever information is available about previous encounters with species native to the Andromeda Galaxy via subspace relay link with Memory Beta prior to departure.

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