XP Report 2

Episode 3 was split over four sessions, ending with a training/recoup montage. All players should advance to the next level of character progression. This allows the following:

  • Addition of another PC Class level
  • retraining of up to 18 skill points OR one feat and nine skill points
  • retraining of as many class levels, skills, and feats as desired, but no addition of another PC Class level
    Players adding a level should take the appropriate number of action points. Players opting to retrain should roll 1d8+1 action points.

Inspiration Points:
Everyone gets two of these. This can be used like a hero point you can add to a team member, or can be used to add your character’s hero point roll bonus to something that you could not normally participate in.

Morale and Commendation Points
Sigil Team has received two commendations and one demerit from Adimral Abelard on Prime Team, for a net of 1 morale point. This is a team resource, which can be used to add weight to a request when disagreeing with the Admiral.

Sigil Team has gained 50 commendation points with the populace of the refugees of the slave camp of Vermen V. Commendation points can be spent in the following ways:

  • 10 points can be used to gain 1d4+1 Serric Stimpacks
  • 15 points can be used to shift up to two skill points between two skills the character already has ranks in
  • 20 points can increase Knowledge [Andromeda Galaxy] by +2
  • 25 points can increase Wealth level by (Charisma Modifier + 1d6)/2
  • 30 points can be used to gain fluency with one plus 1/2 Int mod Andromedaen languages
  • 40 points can be used to retrain a feat or up to 6 ranks in any skill, regardless of wether or not the character has any ranks in it
  • 45 points can be used to get a bio-symbiot installed or removed. Bio-Symbiots can perform a number of things, not limited to giving access to a skill as a class skill, giving an inhering +1 to a statistic, create a proximity bond with another PC taking the same implant, provide energy resistance 5/any but electricity, or an innate +1 bonus to defense
  • 50 points can be used to gain a working understanding of a specific type of Endarin technology – personal exosuit, weapons, cloning pod, stasis pod, regenerative implant, exosuit integration, or technopsionics[Hive]

XP Report 2

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