XP Report 1

Episode 1 was split over two sessions, and Episode 2 was done in one session, with the tail end of Episode 1 at the start. I assume people can handle fractions for experience points. Other rewards should stand.

Inspiration Points:
Everyone gets one of these. This can be used like a hero point you can add to a team member, or can be used to add your character’s hero point roll bonus to something that you could not normally participate in.

Experience Points
Starting work was worth 750xp
Episode 01 was worth 2250xp
Episode 02 was worth 2250xp
Bonus XP: Babilyion Klothgets 400xp for Charles’ note-keeping session.

Morale Points
Sigil Team has received three commendations and two demerits from Adimral Abelard on Prime Team, for a net of 1 morale point. This is a team resource, which can be used to add weight to a request when disagreeing with the captain.

Sigil Team has -2 commendation points with the crew of the Heyderal, and -3 morale points with Captain Mol.

Notable Qotables
Donas Thard OOC to GM: “Have I ever seen anything like this in any of my lives?”
GM: “No.”
Donas Thard:“I’ve never seen anything like this in all my lives!”

Sylvia Barnes 13 of 42: “The sabotages have been handled, do not use the holodeck..”

Admiral Artemis Abelard: If the findings of your report do not sufficiently turn my mind that you have been acting in the best interest of mission parameters, I will use my transporter lock to beam you all into the central star of the nearest system."

Kalos Hagen had a good one, but I didn’t write it down.


XP Report 1

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