Kelvan Prime

Season 01, Episode 03 - Finale
Zaiebos First Contact


Combining frantic calibration and calculation with careful planning, Donas Thard and Sylvia Barnes 13 of 42 worked to calibrate and control the Kelvan Battle Platforms to create a gravometric field that would allow for transporter function to the mines within the core of Veremen V. The idea was to transport a cargo container of atmospheric generators, allowing the subterrainian population to subsist until they could be rescued – the inventory would take approximately 100 minutes to replicate.

As the rest of the crew watched their work, Praxis informed the crew that there was a large gravometric field building near the new-formed Endari fleet which fled the planet. When Vratch of Veremen V informed the Team of the potential existence of a Zaiebos overlord for the Endari Host, the gravometric field was analyzed carefully. This analysis suggested a curvature of space-time indicating an incoming object, rather than a departure of the Endari fleet.

Fearing the worst was soon to be upon them, Sigil Team used the newly-acquired control of the battle platform (thanks to Admiral Abelard’s observations of the limitation of certain Starfleet edicts relating to artificial life and subspace preservation in the Milky Way) to disrupt the gravometric disturbance, causing the Endari fleet to scatter. The resulting reaction destroyed approximately 30% of the subspace in the Veremen system, with the epicenter of the dead zone sitting near to the central star.

Shortly after the discharge of the battle platform, three new gravometric fields emerged at the periphery of the torn subspace pocket. Risking the failure of recalibration, Sigil team shifted the battle platforms around Veremen V, allowing for another salvo against the incoming force(s). This time, the party was outsmarted, and a worldship emerged from the weakest field disruption, not targeted by the gunnery of the battle platform.


The alien lifeform was as deadly and terrifying as Vratch;s limited information suggested. Roguhly 3750 km in diamater, the insectile lifeform was swarming with symbiote bioships, and had a deadly array of tentacles capable of channeling the entity’s vast gravometric potential and fields.

When the worldship began broadcasting uninteligible sounds, and tracking the cloaked ship, the crew refocused efforts on dampening the bio-implants in Vratch, to disasterous results.

Resonance interference in the scans performed by Sylvia Barnes 13 of 42 failed to identify the signal that the Serric was boradcasting, boosting them instead by 200% in a matter of moments. This caused some painful distress for Vratch of Veremen V, who suffered significant cardiac failure as a result of neurological excitation from the signal boost.

Just as Sylvia was getting a handle on what Vratch was broadcasting, Kalos Hagen decided to attempt to psionically block Vratch’s broadcasts, without taking any consideration to his personal/mental safety.

The resulting psionic backlash left Kalos incapacitated, and Vratch’s situation largely unchanged.

As the Zaiebos took control of the Kelvan battle platforms, and began to supercharge the one most recently fired, Sylvia adjusted an internal sensor array to mask Vratch’s signal. When it became apparent that the Zaiebos was either going to turn the battle platform on The Heyderahl, or the populace beneath the core of Veremen, Sigil decided to intervine. Deploying sensors as they swooped into position to deoploy the experimental antimatter transmitter beam array, Sylcia worked to determine an optimal point of attack. Ultimately, the Zaiebos’ gullet and face was destroted, casuing the ship to go into full retreat via the actions of it’s symbiote crew. Before the Zaiebos vessel departed the system, several of it’s symbiote partners moved the Endari fleet out of the system, to parts unknown.


Season 01, Episode 03 - Part 2.5
The Endari Host (continued)

Serrik on the Bridge
Using some unknown technology (a quantum-field transporter) the Serric slaves trapped beneath Veremen V were able to send out one of their group to try and interact with them as a means of escape. The Serric, who identified himself as Vratch, explained that he was able to track the ship by means of a bio-implant which created a sense of proximity and detection between a Serric and an Endari who enslaved it.

Contact with the Endari leader, Hetman Volac, proved complicated. The Endari, while subsisting within a warp-capable surrounding, seemed to lack signifigant technological insight, and were completely lacking in transporter technology, a fact which became apparent when Sigil Team returned the injured Endari on the holodeck to the surface of the planet!

A Bluff or a Bloodying?
The Admiral requested that Praxis assume control of the second battle platform circling Veremen. It became clear through some discussion that the reason the Endari were maintaining a heavy presence on an otherwise uninteresting world was because of a specific mineral mined within the core of the planet. Serric slaves were used to mine this substance (Elytrian) as a means of sustaining the living metal of the battle platforms. Elytrian was not part of the Endari exosuits technology – that appeared to be tied to their cloning facilities, as well as the incredibly complex bio-implants they were capable of creating. Further discussion of the technology was cut short by the ship going on yellow alert – the Endari capitol ship had began tracking The Heyderal , despite cloak, and was on an intercept course.


A brief Bioscan of Vratch indicated the cruiser was using the proximity bio-implant in a similar way the Serric had used it to transport him out from beneath the surface of the planet.

Vratch claimed a desire for asylum, which meant that the Sigil Team needed to report in to Admiral Abelard. The Admiral was somewhat perturbed by the independent actions of the team, though not so much that he didn’t see a way through to turning the situation in the favor of the ship, while gathering some much-needed reconnaissance, AND potentially meeting some Prime Directive goals while bypassing some breaches.

The Admiral woked with the crew to set up a ploy which would convince the Endari that the crew of the Heyderal were in control of the battle platforms, in order to strong-arm them into reopening life support to the enslaved Serric population. This path was chosen over a full-frontal assault on the surface base which sent signals to the battle platforms. While Vratch was taken to medbay to try and dampen or remove his bio-implant signals, the crew ran short-warp hops across the system, keeping just ahead of the Endari ship.


A Communique with Hetman Volac

Once Praxis was able to gain access to the second battle platform, contact with the surface was re-established, and the bluff play was enacted. The Hetman completely believed that the Federation ship was in control of the platforms, and was not afraid to use them, but was unable to restore atmospheric systems before the Serric would be slain.

A complex series of tubes and turbines fed power, water, and atmosphere to the mining colony below the surface. When the Serric revolted, the Endari simply turned off all the stations, which had, in turn, flooded. Their intention was to use the flooded tubes to flush out the mines of coprses once the miners were slain.

After recalling their capitol ship, the Endari began an immediate evacuation of the surface, setting off for the next closest inhabited system. Hetman Volac, adamant that there was no way to save the population beneath the planet, assumed the Federation would sooner destroy the Endari than let the Serric deaths go unavenged.

Time is running out, both for the amount of time the control the crew of The Heyderal can exert over the battle platforms, and for the breathability of the remaining atmosphere within the planet-core mine.

As Donas began a wild plan to move huge volumes of water with the gravometric fields the battle platforms depended on, the rest of the crew set to figuring out what they could do with several thousand refugees, even if they could find a way to transport them out of the mine deep within the core of Veremen V.


Season 01, Episode 03 - Part 2
The Endari Host

After performing a scan to gather as much intelligence as possible about the battle platform, Sigil Team launched an away mission to discover if they could sabotage the platform in such a manner that could be used to force diplomatic negotiations with the Endari on Veramen V. The resulting action was complex, and full of revelation.

The platform was constructed of an unknown crystalline alloy, which was resistant to most scanning and attempts to collect a sample. The interior of the battle platform was artificially maintained at an extreme pressure. Modifications were made to personal shielding, which limited the capacity of shields to absorb energy attacks, but allowed them to repel the worst of the pressure differential.

Analysis of the situation once the away team beamed aboard the platform was difficult. Apparently whatever mechanism was being used to manipulate the gravometric fields, as well as the intense internal pressures of the vessel created a time differential within the vessel. This made communications and transporter locks without use of transponder beacons nearly impossible. A combination of telepathy relay and latent information bursts were used.

The exploration of the battle platform revealed that it was sized for entities significantly larger than the avera humanoid range. Once the explorations lead to an interface panel, the reasons for this became clear. Though the xenotechnology was handily tanslated and used effectively, a latent alarm of some sort was triggered, as indicated by activity on the planet’s surface.

From one super-continent in the lower hemisphere of the planet, dozens of small pod craft started launching into orbit. Closer analysis of the craft indicated they each housed an individual life form, comprising roughly 1/3 the mass of a pod, the rest being some sort of crystalline exosuit. Each of the Endari on the planet’s surface appeared to be capable of taking on a strategic orbital position in one of these suits! A formidable defense for thee platform.

While the away team scouted the interior further, in search of a data bank, they discovered what appeared to be rough crew quarters – a barracks and munions dump, as well as the much-coveted databank access they needed. Working together, a combonation of reconnisance and hacking was accomplished to translate enough of the ships system into a usable interface. This then allowed some rundimentary access to the systems aboard the station. The away team threw the station into lockdown, causing unfortunate rammifications for some of the incoming station attendants. One crashed into locked down blast-doors, and was transported to the ship’s holodeck for medical assessment/containment.

In the meantime, the away mission split up, with some members seeding distraction countermeasures, the other half assembling a control override in the station’s computer core. There was no way to access main control systems from within the battle platform itself, so instead, the inserted technology would intercept surface-transmitted commands, and allow override of incoming signal. Though the insertion of the technology went better than anticipated, fabrication/engineering issues leave it a temporary solution. Feedback will cause the override system to fail within 72 hours.

It was around this time that two major discoveries were made – the battle platform had a sister platform on the other side of the planet, which explained the gravometric fields emanating from the planet’s core. Additionally, the smaller ship-pods that the Endari piloted could be merged into larger ships, which they began to do quickly. Given the population distribution on the surface, and the speed with which the ships merged, it seemed likely that there would be a small fleet of Constitution-class or greater vessels within an hour of the surface becoming aware of what had occurred on the platform.

We left the party with the emergency return of the away mission, and the revelation that the badly wounded alien in the holodeck had regenerated sufficiently to regain consciousness and speech.

As first contact is about to begin, Praxis sends a shipwide comm that soem form of alien transporter technology has bypassed shields and cloak, and somehow deposited an alien lifeform in a Jeffrey’s tube, not far from where the party is assembled around the holodeck.

Season 01, Episode 03 - Part 1


Part One: A Tense Negotiation

Praxis was clearly confused as to how or why it was created by “inferior beings”. Attempts to illustrate the value of cooperation, community, and differing opinions created through concerted efforts of individual did not seem to have significant meaning. Praxis seemed to hold itself on an order of magnitude (at least) above it’s creators, and was wholly unimpressed with the “Federation Credo”. When told that it was created to stymie the destruction of the ship, Praxis had a moment of pause, then explained that it knew almost everything, and wished to fill in the holes. The crew pointed out that many things were happening all the time, so exploration was really the only way to fill in the gaps. When Praxis suggested that the absorption of personal information could create an aggregate model for individuality, the party countered with the Borg as an example of a hive mind mentality.

Praxis was curious enough to negotiate with the party.

Praxis had three main points/questions:

  1. Why does it need inferior beings to conduct explorations?
  2. Assuming it does desire to retain the company of inferior beings, what is the proposal to catch up to the Romulan vessel, whose interactions within the Andromeda Galaxy could result in the return of the Kelvans, and the destruction of sentient life within the Milky Way
  3. What should be done about the Romulans once they are apprehended?

The party was given a brief time away from Praxis to discuss these points.

Ultimately, after much discussion, Praxis agreed to accompany Sigil Team until they could reach the Romulans, and inform them of the hazards of their course of action. Praxis promised that it would allow the crew to leave the ship alive (caveats about not being shot into space or transported into space abounded), if it decided at that time that maintaining the partnership was unproductive.

After coming to something resembling an agreement, the team contacted Admiral Abelard, who was quite insistent on coming aboard, despite the fact that part of Praxis’ condition in creating the secure comm channel was raising shields.

In the interim of the negotiation, Captian Mol staged something of a mutiny, and was working with a tactical team to break into the Admiral’s quarters aboard The Odin. He transported to the ship, after releasing a message to Starfleet about the new self-appointed mission parameters of Sigil, and a defense against the communications Captain Mol had made to Admiral Janeway and Admiral Quinn.

Admiral Abelard made it plain that any member of the team who found themselves back in Federation space would be court-marshalled at best. He was not entirely sure of the sentencing ramifications of the creation of an artificial intelligence with access to cutting-edge Federation technology might be.

To that end, he recommended the following mission parameters to the Team:

  1. Do not even think about returning to the Gate without the Romulan threat neutralized
  2. Along the way to accomplishing that goal, take into account anything that could be used to Starfleet’s advantage in the Undine conflict, or from a technological standpoint overall – these extra value-adds might be the difference between life in prison on Rigel II, and standing commendations from Starfleet Command.
  3. Absolutely mitigate the chances of The Heyderal’s interactions within the Andromeda Galaxy bringing about the return of the Kelvans. This would, in more ways than one, nillify the first two mission parameters, and likely the repercussions from any sentient life organization in the Milky Way, according to Etraska.

The Admiral paused long enough en route back to his quarters to inform the team he was removing any restrictions on sythahol or alchohol from the ship’s replicators, and that he intended to get madly intoxicated on Andorian Brandy, and sleep off the hangover entirely.

The Heyderal then departed to chase after the unknown Romulan Vessel. After three hours of operation of the drive (and roughly three sectors crossed) the ship had to wait 26 hours for the quantum slipstream drive to recharge.


Part Two: A Distress Call

After three hours of operation of the ship’s quantum slipstream drive, the Heyderal moved to maximum warp towards the vector that Praxis indicated the Romulan vessel had traveled to. Traveling cloaked, with passive scans on, the sip intercepted a distress signal from a group calling for aid from a slave colony beneath Corbol City on a planet called Veramen V.

After some debate, the crew decided to turn the ship about to use passive scans to gather more information. After about a quarter hour of passive scanning, the ship was able to hear the message in it’s entirety, elaborating that the surface race (the Endari) had responded to a Serric revolt by cutting off contact to the surface, including breathable atmosphere. The message was sent by a female-sounding voice, who identified herself simply as “Speaker Jan-tri”. The distress signal appeared to be emanating from within the planet’s core.

Scans of an enormous battle platform roughly four times the size of a standard Federation Space Station (roughly 200m larger than Earth spacedock, which is the largest orbital emplacement Starfleet has ever created). The station appeared to be powered by a gravometric field generator that used the pull between the planet and the station to generate power through unknown means. This limited options in disabling the station, which would likely immediately fall into a deadly decaying orbit. The party is working on formulating an away team to disable or take control of the station as a means of stating superiority in negotiations between the two races on the planet.


Season 01, Episode 02
An Uninvited Guest

After the somewhat successful First Contact with the Progenitor, Kalos writes a report to submit to Admiral Abelard, so he can, in turn, contact Starfleet Command and determine the best course of action.

engineering_concept_1.jpgSylvia and Donas attempted to recover the remnant of the data on Etraska’s bioscan. This created an electrical discharge that seemed almost alive, and was largely unnoticed by the ship’s anti-intrusion safeguards. After managing to isolate the seemingly viral program by physically tearing conduits out of the core of Central Engineering, Sylvia shunted Etrasaka’s readings into Holosuite. Immidiate analysis of sensor data surronding the incident indicated 14-27 life form readings were briefly in Central Engineering. Additionally, all existing probe and sensor data was completely erased, and bridgecomm records were likewise missing, as were Babel’s sensor log xenitech programs. The sentient program had damaged and overloaded several systems, and the ship’s engineers were put to the task of repairing the damage, with strict orders not to go near the Holodeck, or provide it with any power.

Donas apprised the group of the situation in engineering. “Gentleman, we have been sabotaged … The sabotage has been handled, and the holosuite has been taken offline.” This did not in fact appear to be the case, as power fluctuations and a stammering computer became the new norm. Aegis met with their senior officer, just after the turbolifts suffered a near-deadly malfunction.

Donus and Babel presented two possible solutions to Admiral Abelard. Donus suggested that the entity infesting the ship’s computer was driven to absorb energy. An energy breadcrumb trail could be created to route the entity to the deflector dish using power fluctuations, then shoot the alien sentience into space.

Babel’s alternative was to carry a Class I Sensor to the primary computer core, and isolate those decks. Then, by powering on the sensor’s reactor and powering off the core, hope to lure the sentience into the sensor, which could similarly be shot away.

1950_006_01.jpgD11 and Kalos took Jeffries Tubes to the holosuite, where they discovered drastic changes to the area. What had been the main doors to the holodeck had become overgrown with a diamond lattice, riddled with metallic veins. After raising a quarantine shield, immediate scans suggested that the lattice was created by the entity absorbing energy and non-organic material and rendering it into diamond. Kalos’ attempts at psionic communication revealed within the lattice was a child-like, hive-mind. While Babel was travelling down to the holodeck, he noted several conduit junctions overgrown with diamond tendrils. This led to the realization that quarantine had completely failed.

Donas and Sylvia re-analyzed the tricorder data containing a portion of the sentient program, limited to its animal and energy gathering instincts. Abandoning the idea of evacuating the sentience via probe, they instead planned to program the remainder of the consciousness into the emergency computer core and merge it into the one overrunning the primary core. The plan seemed to go according to … plan, with the caveat that Donas was unsure whether or not he allowed the program to remain intelligent.

Kalos informed the captain of everything that had been going on, who immediately took the ship to red alert and sent the crew to escape pods. Admiral Abelard eschewed an escape pod, instead taking the bridge of the gunship Odin, and kept a site-to-site lock on Aegis members. He assured the team that if the chain of events continued to unfold, he would likely transport them directly into the nearest solar body.

Once the programming was complete, a link was established between the primary and secondary cores, and the powerdown sequence was given to the primary core. Instead of shutting down, it took all primary ship systems offline,and switched ship operations to secondary. Limited analysis was available from main engineering as to what was going on in the primary core – it seemed that the sentience was reprogramming all the primary ship’s systems. After nearly ten minutes, primary systems were brought online, with an across the board efficacy increase of 17-22% system-to-system. The sentience then brought the secondary systems down, and replaced them with the newly re-written protocols for ships operation. In the hallway by the holodeck, Aegis members noted that the diamond lattice had collapsed into an inert gray powder.

When Captian Mol was informed of the situation, Admiral Abelard insisted her communications be disconnected from all channels, and that she remain isolated until he could fully appraise the situation, and next steps. This was done at about the same time secondary systems were completely overwritten. The sentience brought the primary core back online 100%, and in a voice very similar to Etraska (and very different from a Starfleet regulation computer interface) addressed the crew.

“I am Praxis. You are my creators. What are you?”


Season 01 Episode 01
Beyond the Gate

After a briefing by Admiral Quinn and a separate secure briefing by Admiral Abelard, the Sigil Prime Team spent the few remaining hours in the Milky Way pondering the immense amount of data laid down on them over the course of an hour.

General Briefing

  • Starfleet has tracked a 28 day cycle for the Progenitor gate. They have genetically encoded keys for three days in this cycle – the first day, the third day, and the thirteenth day. Risk analysis on the mission is that the cycle may not be stable – it could shift into something new, which is part of why only one ship is being sent on this mission
  • Admiral Quinn explained that the only other risk was the comm line, which must physically cross the boundary of real space between the two portals – the supposition is that the gate closing will sever the trail, but nobody is certain about that.
  • It is likely that after establishing a safe border, the Heyderal will retreat back through the portal, in preparation for the next gate opening.
    *Mission Parameters: Captain Mol and the crew of the Hyderal are to maintain close proximity to the gate, while Sigil scouts the sector the gate is in, to make sure there are no hostile entities.

Sigil Team Briefing

  • It appears that a Romulan vessel under cloak actually went through the gate during one of the test runs. It is unknown if the Romulans, or the vessel know how to activate the gate themselves, but it is possible.
  • First priority is to identify Romulan vessel and faction it represents. Neutralize the vessel if it is hostile, explore why there was a covert mission if allied.
  • All other mission parameters should be adhered to, but the crew of the Hyderal, indeed the ship itself are expendable in the view of the larger threat.
  • In the case that the Federation is following up on Romulan first contacts, Sigil must work to neutralize any anti-Federation propaganda the Romulans may be spreading.

240px-Tesseract.gifThe USS Hyderal went through the Tesserect Gate, experiencing extreme turbulence, but otherwise no ill effects. Immediate data suggested that the area around the gate in short-range sensor range contained no life forms, nor any warp signatures.

Sigil set to work, with most of the team focused on incoming scanner data analysis, and Kalos Hagen focusing on searching for any additional minds who may have stowed away on the ship. Interestingly, the probes sent out by Starfleet were not sending any data to the Heyderal.

Initially Captian Mol thought the lack of probe data was caused by interference from the gate, but once the comm line was deployed, and the ship moved further from the gate, there was still no probe data incoming. As the ship moved far enough from the gate to initiate long-range scans, Rhian D’varo received a threatening telepathic message from a mind identifying himself only as “The Fist of the ”/wikis/black-sun" class=“wiki-page-link”> Black Sun"

Babilyion Kloth created an series of algorithms to feed into the Hyderal’s sensor array to scan for xenotech, specifically Progenitor-based technology. While his work bore success, not all of his findings are encrypted, and an enterprising engineer aboard the Hyderal could gain significant insight into Babilyon’s findings by doing a thorough buffer sweep (though they would have to know where to look, and what they were looking for).

While the scans were successful in locating a node of Progenitor technology far on the other end of the sector, apparently the scan activated it! A large meteoroid moved out of the small debris field and started moving towards the Heyderal! As it accelerated, it broke into several pieces, until it was apparent in short-range scans that the assumed meteoroid was some sort of planet-sized life-form.


As Kalos worked desperately to initiate First Contact procedures psionically (the creatures were not responding to any form of standard hails), the rest of the team worked on deciphering the strange emanations flooding the sensor arrays from the planetoid creatures.

Stressing caution, Admiral Abelard suggested shields be raised, but Kalos insisted the action might be construed as offensive. Seeking to get closer to the alien life, but also looking to draw attention away from the Heyderal, Kalos boarded a shuttlecraft, and put it on a maximum speed intercept with the planetoid creatures.

It was at this point the Romulans intervened.


While phaser technology is quite effective against unshielded targets, disruptors, particularly the weapons bank on the still-cloaked Romulan vessel were absolutely devastating against the smallest of the planet creatures. Worse than the destruction, the vessel, which could fire cloaked, launched it’s attack just ahead of the shuttlecraft, making it appear as if the Heyderal’s shuttle had taken on an offensive posture!

Kalos tried desperately to continue to establish contact, having been transported off the shuttle just before it’s destruction. The planet-creatures took a decidedly offensive posture, showing that the tentacles they trailed behind them could be put to offensive use through enormous electrochemical output, essentially making them living tendrils of plasma. As the closest planet-creature came within striking distance of the Heyderal, Kalos finally made contact.

This gave the planet creatures pause. They were still defensive, but wanted some sort of sign that indicated the Heyderal was “a Creator”. As Babylon and Sylvia worked desperately to filter out data from the sensor array to create some sort of communication protocol, the creatures stood down.

A progenitor appeared on the bridge! It identified itself as Etrasaka, and told everyone aboard the ship two things: It was the last of the Progenitors, and it viewed the life and cultures of the Milky Way as the greatest failure its race had ever had a hand in.


He warned the crew that the Kelvans, who had only fled the galaxy due to the widespread deployment of weapons of last resort, still maintained a watchful eye on Andromeda. External exploration or meddling would likely draw them from whatever galaxy they had relocated to, and Etrasaka wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Etrasaka attributed the near-extinction of it’s race to the schism caused amongst the Progentitors over the seeding of the Milky Way. Etrasaka feels that if the members who had left Andromeda to seed the far galaxy had been there when the Kelvans revolted, there might be more Progenitors left living.

Etrasaka suggested that even it was unable to pierce the cloak of the mysterious Romulan vessel, and suggested to the crew and team that they should relay it’s warnings to them. After some terse q&a by Babilyion Kloth, Etrasaka left, but not before Sylvia Barnes 13 of 42 used her medical tricorder to capture some close-proximity biosigns, and survived the near-overload of the tricorder.


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