Rhian D'varo

Romulian Field Aquisition Specialist/Quartermaster


Despite her youthful demeanor, Rhian is well over 60, having served twenty years in the Fifth Talon of the Romulan Star Empire’s Black Lighting Fleet. Rhian never married, and lost her entire immediate and extended family in the destruction of Romulus. Staying at her post, despite the incident, Rhian was conflicted about her role in the Empire, and the Empire’s role in the death of Billions. After the death of her superior officer at strange Alien hands, followed by Starfleet nullifying the threat that was her dopplelganger, Rhian left the ruins of everything she had known, and volunteered to join Starfleet.

With the back-to-back wars, and shifting political/geographical scenes, Starfleet’s supply lines and protocols had never been so strained. Rhian’s abilities, in regards to trade, negotiation, and acquisition made him a prime candidate for Starfleet Intelligence, who used her talents as a Field Acquisition Specialist to support a Prime Team regularly put out-of-the-way of normal Federation provisioning.

Though Rhian was confident the work she was doing for Starfleet was helping combat the decay at the edge of the Empire of her heart, she found himself set quite apart from most of the team, until in the mid 2390’s, when a Betaziod diplomat/negotiatior, Kalos became part of the team.

Despite their differences, Rhain and Kalos became fast friends – in no small part thanks to their shared interests in contraband imbibeables, holoprograms of questionable provenance, and late 20th century music from the former American Republic.

When Rhian’s senior officer began to suggest covertly that Kalos might be the cause of several significant scrapes the two had barely survived over the last several months of deployment, Rhian decided to take the direct approach, rather than covert.

Winning 3/5 Targ Race betting rounds against a mixed group of Naussicans, Klingons, and a female Ferengi captain, Rhain traded her goodwill and credits for a barrel of blood wine, which she promptly challenged Kalos to a drinking contest over.

It had been Rhian’s intention to cross-examine her erstwhile friend and companion in her cups, to determine her true intentions. Unfortunately, blood wine has a significantly stronger effect on Romulans than Klingons. When Kalos assisted the barely-conscious Rhian back to her bunk, their minds brushed momentarily, and much was revealed to Kalos. It seemed that there were members of Starfleet Intelligence who were both feeding misinformation, and looking the other way to imperil both Kalos and Rhian as a means of ridding themselves of individuals they viewed as “compromised agents”.

After Kalos untangled the plot, the officers responsible for casting aspersions against him in Starfleet Intelligence were reprimanded and demoted, though Kalos was never sure if that was because they were caught, or because of their actions. Either way, her actions, and partnership with Rhian led to a clever pairing who became part of a new Prime Team, dedicated to what might be the most daunting mission either of them would ever know – the exploration of a galaxy opened by the unknown technology left behind by the Progenitors!

Rhian D'varo

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