Kalos Hagen

Betazoid Diplomat


Kalos is a betazoid who sought to gain a commission in Starfleet as a ship’s captain. Convinced from an early age that the biggest failing of Starfleet Command officers was a lack of empathy and understanding of the adversaries they faced, Kalos was convinced that he could become the greatest leader Starfleet had ever seen. After joining the academy in late ‘88, Kalos set out to break all the records, coming close to most of James T. Kirk’s standing performace scores, aside from the Korbiashi Marou, which he failed miserably.

During his first post on Deep Space Station R7 as a cadet, Kalos met his future wife, Kimaya, who was establishing herself as a field operative for Starfleet Intelligence’s next assignment.

Kalos’s wife, Kimaya D’Utran was a career member of Starfleet Intelligence, in secret. As far as anyone else and her husband knew, Kimaya was a freight ship captain prone to long voyages. Due to her Vulcan training (or so she claimed), Kimaya was impervious to BS’s telepathic and empathic abilities, something she played off as something that sometimes occurred in the minority of Vulcans descended from those who disdained mind melding. In reality, Kimaya was a Vulcan who was impersonating a Romulan to keep tabs on Tal-Shiar activities in the Alpha quadrant.

In the wake of the Undine activities in the early 90’s Kimaya was selected by the Undine as a prime agent to replace, allowing them access to one information network, and one millitary network simultaneously. Unfortunately for the Undine replacing Kimaya, it had no idea of her second life – something which came to call when Kalos went looking for her.

After no small amount of searching, bribery, and several infractions of Starfleet regulation, Kalos caught up with who he thought was Kimaya, but, to his horror, was clearly an alien mind impersonating her. Starfleet Intelligence had actually placed Kalos as a flusher for a Prime Team which was equipped and capable of dealing with the Undine with extreme measures. Unfortunately for that team, Kalos was able to glean enough from their minds during the encounter and subsequent firefight to understand the full extent of what his wife was involved in, and just what Starfleet was trying to cover up in the Undine conspiracy.

When Reman agitators, armed with Undine technology led to the destruction of the Romulan home world, Kalos considered leaving Starfleet to help with the relief efforts. After reading about some of the Romulan/Reman tactics and stances on interstellar aid, he demurred.

When the Klingons broke the Khitomer Accords, however, Kalos was able to read between the lines sufficiently to see another Undine plot. He appraised his commanding officer of his assessment of the situation as the Neutral Zone crumbled, and world after world fell to Klingon invaders. When the Federation finally stepped in to stop the Klingon Empire after their absorption of the Gorn Empire, Kalos resigned his commission, and applied for candidacy in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.

Unbeknownst to Kalos, Starfleet Intelligence assumed Kalos was in possession of information they viewed as classified. They supported his admission into the Dimplomatic Corps, and put him on a Prime Team with Rhian D’varo, a recent Romulan graduate who was trying to make inroads with some of the Romulan resettlement colonies within Federation Space. It was the assumption of Starfleet Intelligence that between the prying Betazoid and the irreverant Romulan rebel they would find themselves in sufficient peril to end both of their threats to Federation interests. If that failed, the fact that Rhian was familiar with Kalos’s wife during his time in the Romulan Star Empire’s armed forces would likely force the issue.

What happened instead was a fast friendship between the two, which included intimate details of past lives. Instead of being incensed, Kalos was reassured that his wife’s second life was all business. Additionally, in a drunken accidental telepathic connection with Rhian after negotiating a trade settlement on Forunar IV, Kalos was able to discern the plot against them on the part of Starfleet Intelligence, who had been feeding Rhian lies about Kalos’s allegiances.

After Kalos untangled the plot, the officers responsible in Starfleet Intelligence were reprimanded and demoted, though Kalos was never sure if that was because they were caught, or because of their actions. Either way, his actions, and partnership with Rhian led to a clever pairing who became part of a new Prime Team, dedicated to what might be the most daunting mission either of them would ever know – the exploration of unknown technology left behind by the Progenitors!

Kalos Hagen

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