Donas Thard

Trill Engineer


Donas Thard (2367[J.2393]-present – age 33), is the 4th host of the Thard symbiote, and the only one born after the Trill ambassador Odan made public the knowledge of joined Trill to the Federation . He has taken the passions of the earlier Thards in stride, joining Starfleet, and becoming a much-coveted engineer, who was part of several breakthroughs on modified slipstream engine design.

Donas survived the Borg invasion of 2381 serving under Captain Ezri Dax on the USS Aventine.

Donas was called up for special service after several commendations as a Chief Engineer to be placed on a Prime Team. Starfleet was starting the exploration of a new form of singularity discovered in recent scans for Progenitor technology signatures, two months after the collapse of the treaty Benthal witnessed Curzon negotiate at Khitomer over a century before.

The 3rd host, Yvonn Thard (2320[J.2337]-2393), was a prolific researcher and xenobiologist, part of the Prime Team dispatched in 2391 to confirm rumors of the appearance of Species 8472 in the Beta Quadrant. Thard does not know, to this day, what killed this former host, but she managed to emit a distress signal before putting herself in stasis after her science vessel, the USS Flagstaff was attacked. Yvon was the only survivor, but was in stasis so long after her injuries that the symbiot had to be transplanted in an emergency intervention just before the end of 2393.

The 2nd host, Katiuska Thard (2278[J.2293]-2337) was born the same year that the USS Bozeman disappeared mysteriously, and died the same year that Tasha Yar was born. Katiuska was a gifted painter, sculptor, and mother of nine. She spent most of her time designing and installing art in resorts on Risa, where many pieces still stand. Katiuska was mortally wounded in the riots on Turkana IV, trying to convince one of her eldest sons, Korval, to leave the planet before a complete collapse of society. Korval took his injured mother back to Trilla, where the symbiont moved on to Yvonn. Korval later took his own life, unable to cope with the role he had in his mother’s death, a painful memory that plagues the Thard symbiont to this day.

The 1st instantiation of the Thard symbiot was a grand strategist and historian, Bental Thard (2175[J.2196]-2293) – he was among the first joined Trill enrolled in Starfleet Academy’s Officer Corps. Benthal’s greatest accomplishment, so he said, was defeating the late Ambassador Spock 5 of 7 times in a binge weekend of Kal-Toh matches. He tutored the late James T. Kirk in early 20th century naval strategy.

Bental was one of the key advisors for Starfleet’s admiralty, and a longtime academy instructor though only ever ascending to the rank of Commander himself. He was a key implementer in the Borg database after Federation first contact with the El-Aurans. He returned to Trilla Prima to pass on to a new host at the age of 118, shortly after his friend the late Curzon Dax negotiated the Khitomer Accords with the Klingons. Bental’s progression was well before the revelation of Trill symbiots, so Starfleet high command was unaware that Katiuska Thard, carried memories of highly classified information about one of the greatest threats Earth and the Federation was soon to face.

Donas Thard

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