Jem'Hadar Munitions Expert


Awoken from cryostasis pod in 2397 as part of a Federation program to emancipate Jem’Hadar who had not been made part of the standing army of the Dominion beyond initial inception. Subject D11 (which he later took as a name) was deprogrammed using the Federation’s most advanced genetic engineering facilities to break a genetic coding for complete subservience to Vorta and Changelings. While these results were promising, the physical addiction to Ketracel-white was far more challenging. Genetic engineering allowed for the creation of additional glands providing the needed isogenic enzymes for the Jem’Hadar to survive, the psychological aspects of physical ingestion of the substance proved far more difficult to remove.

D11 was one of seventeen subjects who survived genetic emancipation, of a group of nearly forty attempts. The Federation has continued a program to perfect the needs of the Jem’Hadar emancipation program, in anticipation of eventual continued contact with the Dominion.

Once emancipated, D11 relied on his genetic career training to work for the Federation who emancipated him. After several successful campaigns against Klingon military commands, as well as a foray against Reman separatists with a large number of Vulcan scientists, D11 has proven himself to be a valuable field asset in any Prime Team he is a part of. While he is impeccable at following out orders, some care is needed in the specificity of orders issued (see Android Crew protocols 109.72 and 118.39, as well as the Linguist-Nuance Xenodictionary by Grontar Noghton), as D11 is not particularly adept at independently motivated action.


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