Babilyion Kloth

Cygnan Xenotech Expert


The Cygnan homeworld was nearly torn asunder by the revelations related to Progenitor technology in late 2380’s with the publication of Richard Galen’s findings by then Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard. There was no small amount of complication that several of the Elders of th the Seranaya had been usurped by Undine, who viewed the Cygnan’s technological aptitude as a potential threat in the creation and stabilization of quantum singularities. An individual Undine revealed himself to several other Cygnan Elders (non-Undine) as an avatar of Y’Ghan, with a proclamation to leave Starfleet, and form a crusade of technological innovation in backwater pre-warp planets in deep space.

Only thanks to some specific actions by a Federation-led coalition was the ruse exposed, but not before several violent schisms nearly sundered the Cygnan homeworld. Several major leaders have ceded from the Seranaya, proclaiming their own council, with the intention of carrying out the mission brought to them by the slain avatar of Y’Ghan.

Instrumental in the successful execution of the facade was the actions of a young Babilyion Kloth, his generation’s Chosen. His only work to date, a lightscene titled “The Beginning of the End” clearly unmasked the Undine for what they were, while showing the remainder of the council what the ramifications of their actions would be.

Babilyion, who shortened his name to the more Terran-friendly “Babel” was so impressed by the experience with Starfleet that he joined up not long thereafter. He has developed into one of their most prolific xeno-cultural experts, and the foremost scholar on what limited information there is on the Progenitors.

Babilyion Kloth

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