Admiral Artemis Abelard

Prime Team Commander


The Admiral is gruff, experienced, unflappable, and generally a stickler for the rules, except for when he looks the other way to get things done which might otherwise jeopardize his team’s mission. Despite his Andorian heritage, the captain is very honest and civil. While he may be mutable in the cause of completing mission parameters, Admiral Abelard greatly respects the tenets of the Prime Directive, and holds with particular contempt anyone who questions the wisdom of giving immature societies access to tools and technology beyond their capacity to handle.


A distinguished and capable Starfleet senior officer, Admiral Abelard has served as a special liaison to the Federation High Council on matters of extragalactic exploration for over 10 years. His service record is second-to-none, and he is the three-time holder of the Tiberius medal, for leading three separate Prime Teams through high-risk endeavors with no personnel losses under his command. Most recently, he has been leading the Sigil Prime Team to undermine several particularly nefarious Undine threats. While Admiral Abelard maintains that the best means to eliminating Undine incursions into our space-time is the disruption of life within fluidic space, he has not been able to move the Council on his opinions. With the discovery of the new Progenitor technology, Admiral Abelard and his crew have been tapped to perform the initial sweep in the Zeta quadrant of the Andromeda Galaxy to determine if a Task Force should be assembled to create a space station.

Admiral Artemis Abelard

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