Kelvan Prime

Season 01, Episode 03 - Part 2.5

The Endari Host (continued)

Serrik on the Bridge
Using some unknown technology (a quantum-field transporter) the Serric slaves trapped beneath Veremen V were able to send out one of their group to try and interact with them as a means of escape. The Serric, who identified himself as Vratch, explained that he was able to track the ship by means of a bio-implant which created a sense of proximity and detection between a Serric and an Endari who enslaved it.

Contact with the Endari leader, Hetman Volac, proved complicated. The Endari, while subsisting within a warp-capable surrounding, seemed to lack signifigant technological insight, and were completely lacking in transporter technology, a fact which became apparent when Sigil Team returned the injured Endari on the holodeck to the surface of the planet!

A Bluff or a Bloodying?
The Admiral requested that Praxis assume control of the second battle platform circling Veremen. It became clear through some discussion that the reason the Endari were maintaining a heavy presence on an otherwise uninteresting world was because of a specific mineral mined within the core of the planet. Serric slaves were used to mine this substance (Elytrian) as a means of sustaining the living metal of the battle platforms. Elytrian was not part of the Endari exosuits technology – that appeared to be tied to their cloning facilities, as well as the incredibly complex bio-implants they were capable of creating. Further discussion of the technology was cut short by the ship going on yellow alert – the Endari capitol ship had began tracking The Heyderal , despite cloak, and was on an intercept course.


A brief Bioscan of Vratch indicated the cruiser was using the proximity bio-implant in a similar way the Serric had used it to transport him out from beneath the surface of the planet.

Vratch claimed a desire for asylum, which meant that the Sigil Team needed to report in to Admiral Abelard. The Admiral was somewhat perturbed by the independent actions of the team, though not so much that he didn’t see a way through to turning the situation in the favor of the ship, while gathering some much-needed reconnaissance, AND potentially meeting some Prime Directive goals while bypassing some breaches.

The Admiral woked with the crew to set up a ploy which would convince the Endari that the crew of the Heyderal were in control of the battle platforms, in order to strong-arm them into reopening life support to the enslaved Serric population. This path was chosen over a full-frontal assault on the surface base which sent signals to the battle platforms. While Vratch was taken to medbay to try and dampen or remove his bio-implant signals, the crew ran short-warp hops across the system, keeping just ahead of the Endari ship.


A Communique with Hetman Volac

Once Praxis was able to gain access to the second battle platform, contact with the surface was re-established, and the bluff play was enacted. The Hetman completely believed that the Federation ship was in control of the platforms, and was not afraid to use them, but was unable to restore atmospheric systems before the Serric would be slain.

A complex series of tubes and turbines fed power, water, and atmosphere to the mining colony below the surface. When the Serric revolted, the Endari simply turned off all the stations, which had, in turn, flooded. Their intention was to use the flooded tubes to flush out the mines of coprses once the miners were slain.

After recalling their capitol ship, the Endari began an immediate evacuation of the surface, setting off for the next closest inhabited system. Hetman Volac, adamant that there was no way to save the population beneath the planet, assumed the Federation would sooner destroy the Endari than let the Serric deaths go unavenged.

Time is running out, both for the amount of time the control the crew of The Heyderal can exert over the battle platforms, and for the breathability of the remaining atmosphere within the planet-core mine.

As Donas began a wild plan to move huge volumes of water with the gravometric fields the battle platforms depended on, the rest of the crew set to figuring out what they could do with several thousand refugees, even if they could find a way to transport them out of the mine deep within the core of Veremen V.



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