Kelvan Prime

Season 01, Episode 03 - Part 2

The Endari Host

After performing a scan to gather as much intelligence as possible about the battle platform, Sigil Team launched an away mission to discover if they could sabotage the platform in such a manner that could be used to force diplomatic negotiations with the Endari on Veramen V. The resulting action was complex, and full of revelation.

The platform was constructed of an unknown crystalline alloy, which was resistant to most scanning and attempts to collect a sample. The interior of the battle platform was artificially maintained at an extreme pressure. Modifications were made to personal shielding, which limited the capacity of shields to absorb energy attacks, but allowed them to repel the worst of the pressure differential.

Analysis of the situation once the away team beamed aboard the platform was difficult. Apparently whatever mechanism was being used to manipulate the gravometric fields, as well as the intense internal pressures of the vessel created a time differential within the vessel. This made communications and transporter locks without use of transponder beacons nearly impossible. A combination of telepathy relay and latent information bursts were used.

The exploration of the battle platform revealed that it was sized for entities significantly larger than the avera humanoid range. Once the explorations lead to an interface panel, the reasons for this became clear. Though the xenotechnology was handily tanslated and used effectively, a latent alarm of some sort was triggered, as indicated by activity on the planet’s surface.

From one super-continent in the lower hemisphere of the planet, dozens of small pod craft started launching into orbit. Closer analysis of the craft indicated they each housed an individual life form, comprising roughly 1/3 the mass of a pod, the rest being some sort of crystalline exosuit. Each of the Endari on the planet’s surface appeared to be capable of taking on a strategic orbital position in one of these suits! A formidable defense for thee platform.

While the away team scouted the interior further, in search of a data bank, they discovered what appeared to be rough crew quarters – a barracks and munions dump, as well as the much-coveted databank access they needed. Working together, a combonation of reconnisance and hacking was accomplished to translate enough of the ships system into a usable interface. This then allowed some rundimentary access to the systems aboard the station. The away team threw the station into lockdown, causing unfortunate rammifications for some of the incoming station attendants. One crashed into locked down blast-doors, and was transported to the ship’s holodeck for medical assessment/containment.

In the meantime, the away mission split up, with some members seeding distraction countermeasures, the other half assembling a control override in the station’s computer core. There was no way to access main control systems from within the battle platform itself, so instead, the inserted technology would intercept surface-transmitted commands, and allow override of incoming signal. Though the insertion of the technology went better than anticipated, fabrication/engineering issues leave it a temporary solution. Feedback will cause the override system to fail within 72 hours.

It was around this time that two major discoveries were made – the battle platform had a sister platform on the other side of the planet, which explained the gravometric fields emanating from the planet’s core. Additionally, the smaller ship-pods that the Endari piloted could be merged into larger ships, which they began to do quickly. Given the population distribution on the surface, and the speed with which the ships merged, it seemed likely that there would be a small fleet of Constitution-class or greater vessels within an hour of the surface becoming aware of what had occurred on the platform.

We left the party with the emergency return of the away mission, and the revelation that the badly wounded alien in the holodeck had regenerated sufficiently to regain consciousness and speech.

As first contact is about to begin, Praxis sends a shipwide comm that soem form of alien transporter technology has bypassed shields and cloak, and somehow deposited an alien lifeform in a Jeffrey’s tube, not far from where the party is assembled around the holodeck.


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