Kelvan Prime

Season 01, Episode 03 - Finale

Zaiebos First Contact


Combining frantic calibration and calculation with careful planning, Donas Thard and Sylvia Barnes 13 of 42 worked to calibrate and control the Kelvan Battle Platforms to create a gravometric field that would allow for transporter function to the mines within the core of Veremen V. The idea was to transport a cargo container of atmospheric generators, allowing the subterrainian population to subsist until they could be rescued – the inventory would take approximately 100 minutes to replicate.

As the rest of the crew watched their work, Praxis informed the crew that there was a large gravometric field building near the new-formed Endari fleet which fled the planet. When Vratch of Veremen V informed the Team of the potential existence of a Zaiebos overlord for the Endari Host, the gravometric field was analyzed carefully. This analysis suggested a curvature of space-time indicating an incoming object, rather than a departure of the Endari fleet.

Fearing the worst was soon to be upon them, Sigil Team used the newly-acquired control of the battle platform (thanks to Admiral Abelard’s observations of the limitation of certain Starfleet edicts relating to artificial life and subspace preservation in the Milky Way) to disrupt the gravometric disturbance, causing the Endari fleet to scatter. The resulting reaction destroyed approximately 30% of the subspace in the Veremen system, with the epicenter of the dead zone sitting near to the central star.

Shortly after the discharge of the battle platform, three new gravometric fields emerged at the periphery of the torn subspace pocket. Risking the failure of recalibration, Sigil team shifted the battle platforms around Veremen V, allowing for another salvo against the incoming force(s). This time, the party was outsmarted, and a worldship emerged from the weakest field disruption, not targeted by the gunnery of the battle platform.


The alien lifeform was as deadly and terrifying as Vratch;s limited information suggested. Roguhly 3750 km in diamater, the insectile lifeform was swarming with symbiote bioships, and had a deadly array of tentacles capable of channeling the entity’s vast gravometric potential and fields.

When the worldship began broadcasting uninteligible sounds, and tracking the cloaked ship, the crew refocused efforts on dampening the bio-implants in Vratch, to disasterous results.

Resonance interference in the scans performed by Sylvia Barnes 13 of 42 failed to identify the signal that the Serric was boradcasting, boosting them instead by 200% in a matter of moments. This caused some painful distress for Vratch of Veremen V, who suffered significant cardiac failure as a result of neurological excitation from the signal boost.

Just as Sylvia was getting a handle on what Vratch was broadcasting, Kalos Hagen decided to attempt to psionically block Vratch’s broadcasts, without taking any consideration to his personal/mental safety.

The resulting psionic backlash left Kalos incapacitated, and Vratch’s situation largely unchanged.

As the Zaiebos took control of the Kelvan battle platforms, and began to supercharge the one most recently fired, Sylvia adjusted an internal sensor array to mask Vratch’s signal. When it became apparent that the Zaiebos was either going to turn the battle platform on The Heyderahl, or the populace beneath the core of Veremen, Sigil decided to intervine. Deploying sensors as they swooped into position to deoploy the experimental antimatter transmitter beam array, Sylcia worked to determine an optimal point of attack. Ultimately, the Zaiebos’ gullet and face was destroted, casuing the ship to go into full retreat via the actions of it’s symbiote crew. Before the Zaiebos vessel departed the system, several of it’s symbiote partners moved the Endari fleet out of the system, to parts unknown.



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