Kelvan Prime

Season 01, Episode 03 - Part 1



Part One: A Tense Negotiation

Praxis was clearly confused as to how or why it was created by “inferior beings”. Attempts to illustrate the value of cooperation, community, and differing opinions created through concerted efforts of individual did not seem to have significant meaning. Praxis seemed to hold itself on an order of magnitude (at least) above it’s creators, and was wholly unimpressed with the “Federation Credo”. When told that it was created to stymie the destruction of the ship, Praxis had a moment of pause, then explained that it knew almost everything, and wished to fill in the holes. The crew pointed out that many things were happening all the time, so exploration was really the only way to fill in the gaps. When Praxis suggested that the absorption of personal information could create an aggregate model for individuality, the party countered with the Borg as an example of a hive mind mentality.

Praxis was curious enough to negotiate with the party.

Praxis had three main points/questions:

  1. Why does it need inferior beings to conduct explorations?
  2. Assuming it does desire to retain the company of inferior beings, what is the proposal to catch up to the Romulan vessel, whose interactions within the Andromeda Galaxy could result in the return of the Kelvans, and the destruction of sentient life within the Milky Way
  3. What should be done about the Romulans once they are apprehended?

The party was given a brief time away from Praxis to discuss these points.

Ultimately, after much discussion, Praxis agreed to accompany Sigil Team until they could reach the Romulans, and inform them of the hazards of their course of action. Praxis promised that it would allow the crew to leave the ship alive (caveats about not being shot into space or transported into space abounded), if it decided at that time that maintaining the partnership was unproductive.

After coming to something resembling an agreement, the team contacted Admiral Abelard, who was quite insistent on coming aboard, despite the fact that part of Praxis’ condition in creating the secure comm channel was raising shields.

In the interim of the negotiation, Captian Mol staged something of a mutiny, and was working with a tactical team to break into the Admiral’s quarters aboard The Odin. He transported to the ship, after releasing a message to Starfleet about the new self-appointed mission parameters of Sigil, and a defense against the communications Captain Mol had made to Admiral Janeway and Admiral Quinn.

Admiral Abelard made it plain that any member of the team who found themselves back in Federation space would be court-marshalled at best. He was not entirely sure of the sentencing ramifications of the creation of an artificial intelligence with access to cutting-edge Federation technology might be.

To that end, he recommended the following mission parameters to the Team:

  1. Do not even think about returning to the Gate without the Romulan threat neutralized
  2. Along the way to accomplishing that goal, take into account anything that could be used to Starfleet’s advantage in the Undine conflict, or from a technological standpoint overall – these extra value-adds might be the difference between life in prison on Rigel II, and standing commendations from Starfleet Command.
  3. Absolutely mitigate the chances of The Heyderal’s interactions within the Andromeda Galaxy bringing about the return of the Kelvans. This would, in more ways than one, nillify the first two mission parameters, and likely the repercussions from any sentient life organization in the Milky Way, according to Etraska.

The Admiral paused long enough en route back to his quarters to inform the team he was removing any restrictions on sythahol or alchohol from the ship’s replicators, and that he intended to get madly intoxicated on Andorian Brandy, and sleep off the hangover entirely.

The Heyderal then departed to chase after the unknown Romulan Vessel. After three hours of operation of the drive (and roughly three sectors crossed) the ship had to wait 26 hours for the quantum slipstream drive to recharge.


Part Two: A Distress Call

After three hours of operation of the ship’s quantum slipstream drive, the Heyderal moved to maximum warp towards the vector that Praxis indicated the Romulan vessel had traveled to. Traveling cloaked, with passive scans on, the sip intercepted a distress signal from a group calling for aid from a slave colony beneath Corbol City on a planet called Veramen V.

After some debate, the crew decided to turn the ship about to use passive scans to gather more information. After about a quarter hour of passive scanning, the ship was able to hear the message in it’s entirety, elaborating that the surface race (the Endari) had responded to a Serric revolt by cutting off contact to the surface, including breathable atmosphere. The message was sent by a female-sounding voice, who identified herself simply as “Speaker Jan-tri”. The distress signal appeared to be emanating from within the planet’s core.

Scans of an enormous battle platform roughly four times the size of a standard Federation Space Station (roughly 200m larger than Earth spacedock, which is the largest orbital emplacement Starfleet has ever created). The station appeared to be powered by a gravometric field generator that used the pull between the planet and the station to generate power through unknown means. This limited options in disabling the station, which would likely immediately fall into a deadly decaying orbit. The party is working on formulating an away team to disable or take control of the station as a means of stating superiority in negotiations between the two races on the planet.



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