Kelvan Prime

Season 01, Episode 02

An Uninvited Guest

After the somewhat successful First Contact with the Progenitor, Kalos writes a report to submit to Admiral Abelard, so he can, in turn, contact Starfleet Command and determine the best course of action.

engineering_concept_1.jpgSylvia and Donas attempted to recover the remnant of the data on Etraska’s bioscan. This created an electrical discharge that seemed almost alive, and was largely unnoticed by the ship’s anti-intrusion safeguards. After managing to isolate the seemingly viral program by physically tearing conduits out of the core of Central Engineering, Sylvia shunted Etrasaka’s readings into Holosuite. Immidiate analysis of sensor data surronding the incident indicated 14-27 life form readings were briefly in Central Engineering. Additionally, all existing probe and sensor data was completely erased, and bridgecomm records were likewise missing, as were Babel’s sensor log xenitech programs. The sentient program had damaged and overloaded several systems, and the ship’s engineers were put to the task of repairing the damage, with strict orders not to go near the Holodeck, or provide it with any power.

Donas apprised the group of the situation in engineering. “Gentleman, we have been sabotaged … The sabotage has been handled, and the holosuite has been taken offline.” This did not in fact appear to be the case, as power fluctuations and a stammering computer became the new norm. Aegis met with their senior officer, just after the turbolifts suffered a near-deadly malfunction.

Donus and Babel presented two possible solutions to Admiral Abelard. Donus suggested that the entity infesting the ship’s computer was driven to absorb energy. An energy breadcrumb trail could be created to route the entity to the deflector dish using power fluctuations, then shoot the alien sentience into space.

Babel’s alternative was to carry a Class I Sensor to the primary computer core, and isolate those decks. Then, by powering on the sensor’s reactor and powering off the core, hope to lure the sentience into the sensor, which could similarly be shot away.

1950_006_01.jpgD11 and Kalos took Jeffries Tubes to the holosuite, where they discovered drastic changes to the area. What had been the main doors to the holodeck had become overgrown with a diamond lattice, riddled with metallic veins. After raising a quarantine shield, immediate scans suggested that the lattice was created by the entity absorbing energy and non-organic material and rendering it into diamond. Kalos’ attempts at psionic communication revealed within the lattice was a child-like, hive-mind. While Babel was travelling down to the holodeck, he noted several conduit junctions overgrown with diamond tendrils. This led to the realization that quarantine had completely failed.

Donas and Sylvia re-analyzed the tricorder data containing a portion of the sentient program, limited to its animal and energy gathering instincts. Abandoning the idea of evacuating the sentience via probe, they instead planned to program the remainder of the consciousness into the emergency computer core and merge it into the one overrunning the primary core. The plan seemed to go according to … plan, with the caveat that Donas was unsure whether or not he allowed the program to remain intelligent.

Kalos informed the captain of everything that had been going on, who immediately took the ship to red alert and sent the crew to escape pods. Admiral Abelard eschewed an escape pod, instead taking the bridge of the gunship Odin, and kept a site-to-site lock on Aegis members. He assured the team that if the chain of events continued to unfold, he would likely transport them directly into the nearest solar body.

Once the programming was complete, a link was established between the primary and secondary cores, and the powerdown sequence was given to the primary core. Instead of shutting down, it took all primary ship systems offline,and switched ship operations to secondary. Limited analysis was available from main engineering as to what was going on in the primary core – it seemed that the sentience was reprogramming all the primary ship’s systems. After nearly ten minutes, primary systems were brought online, with an across the board efficacy increase of 17-22% system-to-system. The sentience then brought the secondary systems down, and replaced them with the newly re-written protocols for ships operation. In the hallway by the holodeck, Aegis members noted that the diamond lattice had collapsed into an inert gray powder.

When Captian Mol was informed of the situation, Admiral Abelard insisted her communications be disconnected from all channels, and that she remain isolated until he could fully appraise the situation, and next steps. This was done at about the same time secondary systems were completely overwritten. The sentience brought the primary core back online 100%, and in a voice very similar to Etraska (and very different from a Starfleet regulation computer interface) addressed the crew.

“I am Praxis. You are my creators. What are you?”



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